Personalized Custom Name State License Plate for Children's Toy Car Golf Cart Moped Vehicle Bicycle


Rep' your state with this license plate. Aluminum plate features rounded corners with vibrant colors that won't peel fade or crack. Can also hang in back window of car, decorate rooms, etc. Any image that appears to be textured, embossed or 3D is a flat image. Available in three sizes:

Bicycle: Measures 3"x6" with two mounting holes. Great for strollers, walkers and children's cars.
Motorcycle: Measures 4"x7" with two mounting holes. Great for golf carts.
Vehicle: Measures 6"x12" with four mounting holes. Great for wall decor.

  • Custom text can be any language
  • Text should be maximum 25 characters otherwise we will have to reduce font size
  • Capital letters will always be used